Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi, it's Celia again!

One of the ways I make money is by pet sitting. This is a really good way to earn money if you like animals. One of my best clients is Rex, a really nice golden retriever.

When Rex's owner dropped him off last week, she asked me to give him a bath. That's one of the services I offer. She said he had been out in the rain and was kind of stinky. Well, it got a lot worse.

Rex is one of the few dogs that we can let off a leash on our property if we're outside. He just wanders around and visits with the chickens or the goats, and sometimes plays with Sadie, our neighbor's dog. Well, Rex rolled around in something that smelled like poop. It was horrible! Goat? Chicken? Dog? some wild animal? There was no sense in trying to guess whose poop it was. Even Mom, who's interested in pretty much everything, couldn't care less. She was only interested in getting the smell washed off.

So here I am, giving Rex his bath.

And here Rex is, rolling around right after his bath, letting me know that he wouldn't be defeated.

And here I am giving Rex bath number two the next day.

He smelled a lot better after that.


  1. AHH! I LOVE IT! You are an amazing dog sitter and we are so thankful for you! Rex is always so well taken care of!
    love you-