Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life in Conestoga

Hi, it's Celia again!

We live on the top of Stone Hill in the Village of Conestoga, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I had to look up exactly what a village was, and it turns out a village is a group of houses and buildings that are larger than a hamlet (whatever that is) and smaller than a town. So there you go.

Our village may be small, but it has a lot of exciting things going on. Let me tell you about some of things you can do in Conestoga.

You can get your car filled with gas. Or you can get a really good meal. Both at the same place--the Conestoga Wagon Restaurant. Everyone in the village knows where it is, and the people are really friendly.

Another interesting thing about Conestoga is our funeral home. On trick or treat night it used to have an open house, and everyone in the village would go in and eat food and candy, and learn all about funeral customs. It was interesting in a weird kind of way. Mom loved it. I say it "used to" have an open house, because recently the funeral director got caught dumping bodies in the back of the home instead of cremating them. Again, interesting in a weird kind of way. Now it's shut down, so no more open houses and no more dead bodies in the woods.

And the last interesting thing I'll tell you is that the Bookmobile comes here! Ed, the bookmobile guy, is very nice. He usually has horse books on the shelves for me to take out.

I'll tell you some more tomorrow.

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  1. Those are interesting things. Who knew? Well I did know I love eating at the "Wagon". And when I was a kid the book mobile would come to the church below my house. I loved it! I'm glad to hear it's still happening.

    Mrs. Miranda