Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet the Goats!

Hi, it's Celia again! 

"A Runaway Goat" is named after Brie, who ran away the day after we got her. Thankfully she ran straight to our neighbor's barn and hid with the sheep. But of course we didn't find that out until my mom drove our minivan all over Conestoga asking people, "Have you seen a runaway goat?" Most people just stared at her. Like she's whacko. Which she is. (Hi, mom!) 

So I thought I should introduce you to my goats. I name all of my goats after cheese to inspire them. Here is Mali (short for Mallorca, a Spanish cheese) and her doeling, Babybel:

Here is Brie and her two bucklings, Jack and Blue:

Monday, April 29, 2013


My name is Celia, and I live at the top of Stone Hill in Conestoga, PA. I live with my mom (who is fun), my dad (who is serious), and my two brothers (who can be fun when they are not being mean to me). My mom and I are pretend real farmers. We have five goats, about 20 chickens (they are always getting eaten so it is hard to keep track), one rabbit, two cats, and about 40,000 bees (give or take), a small orchard, and a small veggie garden. Mom said I could start a blog. She thinks it will be educational. She homeschools me so she's always looking for things that are educational. I think it will be fun. I like photography, horses, my five little goats, and tacos. I named the blog "A Runaway Goat" because the hardest thing about being a farmer is when your goat runs away. Seriously. The second hardest thing is getting up to milk the goat. My mom would say it's harder on her than me, because she's the one that has to get me up. Our house on the top of Stone Hill: Mom wearing glasses I made out of duct tape: Me(John! You're famous):