Monday, May 26, 2014

Welcome to the World, Ashed Pyramid!

Hi, it's Celia again.

Yes, Ashed Pyramid is the name of our newest addition to the micro farm. Ashed Pyramid is a goat cheese from Australia. I am going to call him "Ash". And take a look at this sweet little boy. Doesn't he look like he should be named Ash?

Babybel had him sometime on Sunday morning. Mom went to let Mali out to be milked, and surprise! Little Ash was standing there. Babybel only had one kid, which is unusual for a goat. Most of the time they have twins. But he is cute and sweet enough for two goats.

Mom and I handle the baby goats right away, and every day. Some goat farmers wait a few days to handle kids, and some never do. But we want them to think we are part of the herd. Our goats don't trust

all people, but they will trust us, and they'll know our voice.

We've never had kids this late in the year, and in some ways it's nice (we don't have to worry about the freezing temperatures) and in some ways it's not. Mrs. Binkley, our neighbor who raises sheep, told us to watch out for flystrike, which is when a fly lays eggs in the kid's fresh umbilical cord. She said a baby can die very quickly from that. So Mom's got to do some research on that (thanks, Mom!).

We were really hoping we would have three dairy goats this year, but it doesn't look like we are. Mali is producing, and gives us lots of milk every morning. Brie had a miscarriage, so she never produced milk. And now Babybel only has one kid, so she won't produce much milk. I'll probably try to milk her anyway, but it is a little disappointing. Sometimes being a farmer is tough. But it sure is a lot of fun when you have a new baby goat to play with!

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