Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goats and Worms and Pine Trees

Hi, it's Celia again.

As most of the East Coast knows, we had a HORRIBLE winter! Here on the micro farm the cold and ice did a lot of damage. The ice coated the branches of our trees and made them so heavy that some of the branches broke off. We even had some trees that that completely came down. Farm Hand Dad spent a lot of time this spring cutting up wood. But this isn't all bad news.

One of Mom's pine trees was uprooted. Mom wasn't too happy about it, but the good news is we could feed it to the goats. Pine is a natural worm killer. Goats can get worms in their stomachs, which will quickly cause anemia, and possibly death. Mom and I don't like to use medicinal wormers unless we have to, because we drink the goats' milk. So we feed the goats a lot of pine. Because this tree came down we had all the pine we wanted! But we couldn't feed it all at one time, because that gives the goats diarrhea (I'm sure glad I had spell check for that word!). So we've been giving the goats pine branches a little bit at a time. Here's Brie enjoying it.

And here's Babybel. Doesn't it look like she's smiling?

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