Saturday, May 3, 2014

Update: Molly

Hi, it's Celia again!

Molly is my pony. Mom says she looks like a horse, but she really is a pony. She is a rescue pony, which means her owner was abusing her, and a rescue group bought her to keep her from dying. The rescue group boarded her at the farm where I used to work, which is how I met her. Right away I knew I wanted her, and after having my mom talk to the rescue group, we got her. She is extremely gentle, and very smart, which makes her a good first horse.

When I got her she was skinny, and a little sickly. Now she is fat (but not too fat) and healthy. I ride her almost every day, and spend a lot of time training her. One of the things I like to do is train her to ride in equestrian events. I belong to the Columbia Riding Club, and they have a big riding show  twice a year. The latest show was on Saturday. Molly and I did well!

We won a first place in Barrel Racing:
a fourth place in Carrot Race (sort of like the 50 yard dash); a fourth place in Dollar Bareback (you ride bareback with a dollar stuck under your leg, and if your dollar falls you're out); and a fifth place in Choice Trail (an obstacle course-type race where you get to choose your obstacles). I'm sorry I don't have more "action" pictures but Mom was too busy watching and forgot to take pictures.
Fourth place for Dollar Bareback

First in Barrel Racing

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