Thursday, May 23, 2013

Free Lunch for the Goats

Hi, it's Celia again!

We have some really great neighbors. One of them, Roger, is very nice to us. He is deaf, though, so it can be very hard to communicate with him. He reads lips so he understands us, but we have a hard time understanding him. 

Coming home from the library we drove past Roger as he was cutting down a bush. Mom stopped the minivan and asked if we could have a load of branches to feed our goats. He said yes (or we think he did) so we shoved as many of the branches into the minivan as we could and drove to the top of Stone Hill. It was really hot, but we dragged all of the branches to the goat yard. The goats were as happy as pigs in muck. 

Later that evening Farm Hand Dad said he would take James and me to Red Box to get a movie. When we went to leave we saw a HUGE pile of branches at the bottom of the hill. Apparently Roger thought we wanted the whole bush. So we kept shoving branches in the minivan and driving up and down the hill. We must have had 78 loads! 

That's me holding branches out the window. That didn't work so well because they kept getting stuck under the wheel.

There were so many branches that Farm Hand Dad helped.

James even gave us a hand! If you remember from the post "Meet the Family" James does NOT like nature. He likes man made. So to see him actually touch nature, well, I had to get a picture of that. 

And the goats loved them!


  1. I wish you lived closer to us because we could give you goats lots of lunches all summer! :)