Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No More Fleas

Hi, it's Celia again.

Mites. Ticks. Worms. Fleas. Our animals get them all. And if you don't kill them, they can kill your animals. So today we treated the cats for fleas. We do it once a month with Advantage. Lots of people do this, and if you do, I think I have a tip for you that will save you money.

Here's our cat Peanut:

You can buy one dose of flea medicine for about $7.00 on line. This is for cat size or large dog size--they both cost about the same. So Mom buys the large dog size and pours it into a vial and then uses a syringe to get the correct size dose for our cats.

This way she gets about 5 cat-sized doses from the large dog size dose. This cuts her cost to one fifth of what it would be over the cat size dose. I hope that makes sense!

Mom says you can buy the vial and syringe on Ebay and maybe Amazon. And she says make sure you get Advantage, not Advantix.

Old Tom, my Grandpa's cat who stays with us

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