Friday, May 17, 2013

Fence Envy

Hi, it's Celia again!

It's hard to be happy tethering my goats when what I really want is a fence around the whole property. We have 3 acres, and if the goats could roam free, we would all be happy. When mom and I drive through the countryside and we see a nice piece of property, we look at the fence. We don't even look at the house (it could be a cardboard box for all we know). Some ladies admire shoes or clothes, some admire homes and furniture. Mom and I admire fences. We definitely have fence envy. We've been taking pictures of some of the nicer fences around Conestoga.

These three fences are nice, but might not hold goats in unless we put up electric wire, too.

And this fence would do the job, and mom says it would be cheap(er). There's no such thing as a cheap fence when it comes to pasturing goats.

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