Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Every Farm Needs a Farm Hand

Hi, Celia here!

Last week a tree fell on the goat yard fence, and ripped a small hole in it. But worse, it buckled the fence. So the top of the fence was smushed down, and the bottom of the fence was rolled up. This is bad news for a farmer, because goats are notorious escape artists, and mom and I had visions (nightmares?) of chasing runaway goats all over the property. Since we were the only ones home, we used zip ties to tie up the top of the fence and rocks to hold the bottom of the fence down. Our farm hand (also known as Dad) recently fixed the fence.

 Here he's using metal wire to tighten the fence. Babybel is making sure he does it right. And here's one of him straightening out the fence. Once again, Babybel is supervising. Or else she just wants to be in the picture. Or maybe she's just planning her escape.

And here is a shot of the hole that was made. Mali is running by. She's not as much of a camera hog as Babybel.

Now the fence is back to normal (well, almost). Thanks, Farm Hand!

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