Friday, May 31, 2013

Planting the Garden, part two

Hi, it's Celia again!

Yesterday I started to tell you about the garden. Today I want to finish the story.

After I got the shovel out from under the bush, Mom showed me all the work she had done. We do not have a very big garden, just two raised beds. Mostly because we kids hate vegetables. We eat a couple of things, but not too much. Most of it is just gross. So about a year or so ago Mom stopped making us eat vegetables. She said she was tired of fighting with us, and we could eat fruit instead. So our orchard is bigger than our veggie garden.

The second reason our veggie garden is small is because it's very hard to keep animals out of it. And I'm not talking rabbits and groundhogs (although last year we did have to shoot a groundhog that kept eating the peas) I'm talking about chickens and goats. So once the garden is planted, Mom puts a fence around it. It's an ugly fence, but it works. She takes these step on posts (which Mom says a woman must have invented because they are so easy to use) and pushes them in the ground.

Then she takes chicken wire and loops it onto the posts. It only takes a few minutes to get the whole fence up.

She said after she planted the peppers and the tomatoes and the basil seeds, she went into the basement to get the fence. When she came out she saw this:

Babybel, our little doeling, had walked over to the garden and eaten the top off of one of the tomato plants. Good things goats don't like tomato plants, or that whole thing would have been gone.

And here's what our little garden looks like with the fence:

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