Monday, June 3, 2013

Meet the King

Hi, it's Celia again!

I would like to introduce you to one more person in my family. It is my grandfather. His real name is Francis Henry "Bud" Golembiski, but everyone under the age of 13 calls him King Pa.

He got that name because he became a grandfather when he was very young. He didn't want to be called Grandpa, so my cousin Paul called him "Pa". When Paul didn't obey him, Pa told Paul he had to obey him because he was a king--King Pa. So that's what everyone calls him.

Last summer mom and I went camping with King Pa. There were some young boys camping across from us. Pa and I made a leaf bomb (a trash bag full of leaves that we hoisted into a tree). When people walked by we dropped the leaves on them. It was fun. For us.

Well the boys across from us came over to see the leaf bomb. I told them my name, and then I told them that my grandfather's name was King Pa. They looked like they didn't believe me, so my mom said he really is a king, but he didn't look like one because he had his camping clothes on. Well they ran right back to their mom and dad and said they just met a real king!

Pa is staying with us for a little while so I'll probably talk about him a lot. He used to be a farmer, and he helps us around the mini farm. He is very, very funny (Mom says I get my sense of humor from him). I think you'll like getting to know him!


  1. Something tells me there will be mischief soon

    1. And if there is you'll be reading about it in the blog! ~ celia

  2. The previous comment was from Mrs. Viviane Haughery, not Matthew :)