Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Farm (house) Maintenance

Hi, it's Celia again.

A farm--even a mini one--takes a lot of work. Some work you can let slide for a little while, which is what we did with the front porch. It has needed painting for a while now, but Farm Hand Dad has been very busy. He works a lot, and he volunteers at church a lot. Now it's time to paint. A lot.

So one day Farm Hand Dad said to Mom, "If you get bored, you can peel the paint off the porch. You don't have to scrape. It just peels off."

Mom is never bored. NEVER. She's interested in too much stuff. Like bugs. And cooking. And cooking bugs. Don't ask her about it or she'll try to talk you into taking this class with her at the County Park where they teach you which bugs are safe to eat.

Anyway, she told Dad, "I'll pay Morgan and Celia to do it." Morgan is my very, very good friend. Mom likes Morgan.

When Morgan came over we started to peel the paint off the porch for fun. So Mom came out and said she would pay us if we peeled all the paint off the rails by the steps.

I said, "How about $100?"

Morgan said, "We'll do it for $10." Mom REALLY likes Morgan.

Of course we couldn't just peel it off. We had to have a contest to see who could take off the biggest piece without it breaking.

Here's Morgan. So far she has the winning piece.

For now...

Well, we're not like Mom. We got bored after about 20 minutes and went to play in the backyard.

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