Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jello the Goat Chicken

Hi, it's Celia again.

This is Jello. I named her that because when Mom asked me, "What should we name her?" I happened to be thinking about Jello, and how we haven't had it in a while, and how good and cool it would taste. So I named  her Jello.

She lives in the goat pen. Her job is to keep the bugs down this summer. Mom doesn't feed her at all. She says that if she doesn't get fed she'll eat more bugs.

(Mom lived in an apartment in Philadelphia that was crawling with mice. Mice in the trash can. Mice in the stove. Mice doing the limbo in the middle of the living room. It was mice-o-mania. One day (and this is very weird) Mom heard meowing coming from her oven. When she opened the oven door there was a cat inside. Mom thinks the oven must have been vented to the outside and the cat crawled in through the vent. Anyway, she kept the cat but didn't feed it. The mice didn't last very long.When the mice were gone Mom put the cat back outside.)

Bugs (like mice) are full of protein, and chickens need lots of protein to lay eggs. Not that we have high hopes of an egg making it very long with three baby goats jumping around.


  1. Unless you want scrambled eggs !!!! Cute post Celia!!! I like jello too! And I haven't made it for awhile also........Hmmm guess I better check to see if I have any, I usually use the dry jello for my strawberry pies.......hmm I think the guys would like that.. Thanks!

    Dawn Mellinger

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Mellinger! Let me know if you have any extra pie that needs a young girl to eat it! ~ celia