Friday, May 16, 2014

Homeschool Fun!

Hi, it's Celia again.

Mom homeschools me and my big brother, John. My other brother, James, is cyber schooled. That means he does public school at home. But John and I are "traditional" which means Mom picks the curriculum and all of our classes. I like being homeschooled because I can study what I want sometimes. This year I did a study on photography. It included science, history, vocabulary, and, of course, art!

One of the most frequent questions  Mom gets about homeschooling is about "socialization". People who are unfamiliar with homeschooling think we never leave the house. That is not true. We take classes at our co-op and other places. All three of us kids have jobs. And we volunteer. Mom says she wishes we were a little more "unsocialized" because then she could stay home and get more cleaning done.

Anyway, yesterday was our homeschool co-op's track and field day. It was FUN! Some of the events were the 50 yard dash, long jump, obstacle course, soccer kick, and long distance run.

Here's a picture of me running the hurdles.

And here's a picture of me with my friends, Emily and Megan.



  1. Did you know in Germany it is illegal to be home schooled?

  2. It's me!!!!!