Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Improving the Flavor of Goat's Milk

Hi, it's Celia again.

Before I get to today's post, I want to let everyone know that I pet sit. So if you have a dog, cat, lizard, frog, rabbit, bird...anything that needs watched while you go on vacation, I'm your girl! Contact me for more details. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

Last week I blogged about the flavor of goat's milk, and how it changes depending on what our goats eat. Right after I wrote that post, Mom told me she wanted to "improve" the flavor of the milk. By "improve" she means make it taste more like cow's milk. I don't think that's an improvement at all. I like that my milk tastes different. Mom wants to do it so my brother, James, will drink it. James doesn't want to know anything about his food. He is one of the few people that prefers his food to be made in a factory. See, James doesn't like nature. And to think that his food comes (or should come) from nature grosses him out. And it pushes him over the edge to know that something he drinks is coming out of our goats' udders.

Anyway, Mom has been on this mission to improve the milk's flavor. Her plan is to make the milk taste like cows' milk, and then trick James into drinking it. She's sneaky that way.

She's been doing research and experimenting in the kitchen. She's a caterer and she's always experimenting in the kitchen, so James didn't suspect anything. And she did it! She figured out how to take the "goat" out of "goat's milk".

Her trick is to put the milk into an ice bath as soon as we're done milking. It's my job to run (and I mean run) the milk into the house and put it in the fridge as soon as we're done milking the goats. Then we clean up and put the goats out to pasture. When we come in the house Mom filters the milk into a glass jar. Previously she put the jar in the fridge, but now she puts it in an ice bath so it gets cold quicker. And what a difference that makes. It tastes just like cow's milk. But I don't think that's an improvement.

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  1. Celia is a wonderful pet sitter and we feel at ease sending our Rottweiler to stay with her!