Friday, May 9, 2014

Update: Farm Hand Dad

Hi, it's Celia again.

I have the best dad in the world. Not only is he a full time carpenter and a part time caterer, he volunteers a lot at our church. But most importantly, he's my farm hand. I can't pay him, but he never complains. He always is willing to help me with my goats and horse. So I decided to ask him what he REALLY thought about all of the work he has to do around the mini farm.

"So Dad, what do you think about the goats? Do you think they are loud and annoying?"
"No, I think Mom's chickens are louder than the goats." (Did you hear that, Mom?)
"Did you think you would be a farmer at the age of 55?"
Silence. About 3 minutes later he said, "Hmmm. No."
Real deep, Dad. But I was competing with the Cubs/Sox baseball game. I decided to ask some better questions. I went with a carpenter question.
"If I rub sand on a stick, is that the same as using sand paper?"
"No." Hmm. Not quite the depth I was looking for.
I decided to try one more time.
"What's your favorite thing to do?"
He put on his thinking face.
"Hmm. My favorite thing to do. Probably watch football."

And there you have it. An update on Farm Hand Dad.

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