Saturday, April 26, 2014

Update: Mali (and Cooper and Taz)

Hi, it's Celia again!

In my last post I gave you an update on Babybel. Today, it's Mali's turn. Mali was one of the first goats I bought. She is Babybel's mom. And in March she gave birth to two babies, Cooper and Taz. I name all my goats after cheeses. Cooper, a little buckling, is named after Cooper Sharp, a type of American Cheese. Taz is a doeling. Her name is short for Tasmania Highland Chevre Log, a goat's milk cheese from Australia. But enough talk about food. It's making me hungry.

Cooper and Taz were born during one of the coldest winters I can remember. We decided to move them and Mali to a warmer spot. The big goat shed is just too cold for newborns, plus, our bucks (Blue and Jack) were out there, and we didn't know if they would harm the babies. So Mom and I built a pen under our front porch and put a heat lamp in it to keep the babies warm.We cut the sleeves off of one of my wool sweaters that I didn't use (I think wool sweaters are itchy) and put them on the babies.
Cooper and Taz under the heat lamp

Here are some pictures of Cooper and Taz minutes after they were born.They look just like their mom and sister!

Cooper with his sweater on

 And here are some pictures of them now.

Taz loves to climb on me!

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