Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm Back!! Woo hoo!

Hi, everyone!

After a very long break (my mom told me to use the word hiatus, but I'm not sure I like that word. "Hi" "Ate" "Us". Who is Hi, and why is he eating us?) I am back to writing my blog. And very happy!

I took a break from the blog because I am home schooled, and at the beginning of this school year my mom put me in this writing class which was fun (because my good friend Lily was in it--you can see us goofing off in the picture) but the it was very, very hard.

 We had to learn things like verbals, and diagramming sentences, and the difference between a clause and a phrase. My mom said it was good for me, but I don't think so. One day I was studying so hard that I actually heard a "pop" inside my head and saw stars. Anyway, now that the class and the school year are over (no snow days for home schoolers!) mom said I can just write my blog. She said she'll count the blog as my writing class for seventh grade. She went on and on about there being a "gray area" in the home school law for middle school, but I wasn't really paying attention to her. Anyway, this writing class was difficult. Not the writing part--I love to write--but the grammar part. And I spent hours everyday working on it. Mom told me to focus on the class, and not do the blog. So that's why I haven't written in months! The grammar thing was even hard for mom. She knows a lot, but apparently she doesn't know the difference between a participial phrase and an infinitive phrase. So all of my questions kept her busy, too. I asked her, if she went all her life without knowing the difference between a gerund and a participle, and she's still able to function, then why did I have to know it?  She didn't have a good answer.

Well, anyway. I have a lot to tell you. Here on the farm there have been births and deaths. Good news and bad. I'll try to remember everything that's happened and write about it. I might be short on pictures, but I'll try to remember all the details for you.

Aaah. It's good to be back.

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