Monday, April 28, 2014

Update: Brie (and good-bye to Jack and Blue)

Hi, it's Celia again!

Today I will update you on Brie. She is one of the goats I originally bought two years ago, along with Mali. When we first got her she was extremely shy, and wouldn't let me touch her. Now she is very friendly, and I can pet her and handle her with few problems.

Last year Brie gave birth to Jack and Blue, two bucks. We kept them for the mating season, but when that was over, well, their job was done. There's no sense in keeping a buck once mating season is over. All they do is eat. So we sold Jack and Blue a month or so ago.

This year Brie's babies were stillborn. They were born about one month too early. Mom went out on a Sunday morning to feed the goats, and Brie was in the goat shed bleating and licking something on the ground. Mom knew something was wrong, and when she went into the shed she saw two little dead babies. She came in the house, changed into work clothes (she had already dressed for church), and woke me up. She told me what happened and told me I needed to come out and help. That's the thing about Mom. She doesn't think I should be shielded from the hard parts of farming. So we went outside and after letting Brie be with the babies for a little while longer we put them deep in the woods for the animals to eat. Mom says it's the great circle of life.

Here are some pictures of Brie.

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