Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Trip to the Garage

Hi it's Celia again.

Yesterday we had to take our car to the garage. It needed inspected. We usually take our cars to the garage in Conestoga, but when we bought the Toyota last summer, Mom decided to have the dealer do the maintenance and inspections. So when it was time to go, she asked me if I wanted to come along.

"Nah. It's a garage. Why would I want to go?" I answered.
 "It's not just a garage, it's more like a spa for cars," she told me.
"Nah. No thanks."
Then my brother, John, spoke up. "It really is kinda cool, Celia," he said. "I'm gonna go."
Well, if John thought it was cool then it must be. He wouldn't say something just to get me to go somewhere.

So off we went. And it WAS cool! We drove our car right inside this huge building.
"Wow! Where are we?" I asked.
"This is the garage," Mom answered.
"But it's cleaner than our house!"
I don't think Mom liked that I noticed.

Next, Mom talked to the garage man. He gave her a beeper/buzzer thing like you get at Olive Garden, and off we went to wait in this giant lounge. Mom asked if I wanted to play on an Ipad.
"Uh, yeah, but I don't have one."
"I'll get you one."
And she walked over and got an Ipad from the reception lady. Impressive.

"How about a hot chocolate?" Mom asked me.
Well now I think Mom was starting to show off. She led me to a Seattle's Best coffee machine and got me a FREE hot chocolate. And she even let me buy a snack from the snack machine. Then we sat at a little table in this cafe and waited for our car to be done.

What Mom didn't know was that we were sitting in a "Quiet Zone" where you weren't supposed to use your cell phone. And don't you know her good friend Mrs. Malanchuk called, and Mom started talking to her. Loudly. Mom's from New Jersey, so her default volume is loud.

Me laughing because Mom got shushed.
As she was talking, the lady who gave us the Ipad came over and shushed her. I mean really shushed her, like the librarian does. So Mom moved to the "Noise Zone" or whatever the area was called where HGTV was playing on the flat screen. Just as she was finishing her conversation, our beeper/buzzer went off. We were done! I have to admit, Mom was right. It was kinda fun.

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