Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lyme's Disease Update

Hi! It's Celia again!

In my last post I told you about Molly, and today I am going to give you an update on my Lyme's Disease.

It's horrible! But getting better.

I have to take this pink antibiotic which tastes like badly flavored bubble gum. At first it tasted okay and I licked the spoon clean, but then it started to taste bad. Nobody likes medicine after 4 weeks.

My joints feel better, but hurt if I stand for a long time. And I still do stupid stuff, like kick myself in the head. The medicine hasn't cured that.

And I get tired very easily. I sleep a lot. I even fell asleep in church once. But it was when I had to sit through the sermon, so I kinda have an excuse.

I go back to the doctor this week, and I'm hoping he says I'm well enough to stop the medicine. That would be great.

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